Groundwork & Concrete


Hazell Agricultural Services undertakes a range of groundwork projects for industrial, commercial and agricultural clients.

We have an extensive range of plant, we are confident we can cater for all your ground work needs, whether big or small.

We will handle your project from start to finish and all of our operatives are highly trained, experienced and fully insured. Company founder, Will is involved in every project whether big or small and is always available to discuss any queries.

Groundwork services

Groundwork services offered:

  • Site clearance, demolition and muck away projects.
  • Excavation and reinstatement projects.
  • Foundations and footings including preparation for concreting.
  • Drainage, ditching, trenching, laying land piping and mole ploughing.
  • Driveways, roads and parking areas.
  • Landscaping (golf courses to bunds).
  • Lakes and ornamental ponds.
  • Ménages, all weather horse gallops and horse walkers.
  • Restoration and improvement of agricultural land.


We are concreting specialists and offer concreting services nationwide for industrial and agricultural constructions. We complete floors from start to finish, and also can complete concrete repair work.

Ligchine Screed Saver II

Our laser screed is boom operated, includes a zero- turn drive system (independent hydraulic front wheel drive) making it the suitable for cutup job sites, large square meterage’s and spaces that no other boom screed would attempt to complete, it has a zero-turn drive system, driven by a wireless remote.

The screed has automatic Trimble Spectra laser levelling receivers adjusting the screed at a rate of 10 times per second, achieving world class floor flatness and floor levelness numbers (FF/FL), that only a stationary boom operated screed can reliably produce.

The screed head is 3m wide, and is attached to the machine via a hydraulic boom that reaches 4.8m, meaning we are able to cover 14.4m², resulting in screed rates up to 3,000 sq. ft./hour (278m²) or more depending upon your sites variables.

Our screed head is the industry’s first combination paving and superflat screed head. The screed head includes a powered roller to the Superflat screed head that includes a plow, long wear double flight hard steel auger and a vibrating finish blade.

With the addition of the roller, our screed can handle any slump or mix no matter how thick or sticky the additives have made it.

A removable finish blade also means that we are able to screed pervious concrete.

Our laser screed is accompanied by a fleet of modern hand laying tooling and power floats.

Completion of Internal and External Laid Concrete Floors

We have the ability to produce Internal floors to the highest specification, we are experienced in working with structural engineers to carry out instructions, whether the floor is to be used as an agricultural building or as a car show room.

We regularly lay floors with the following reinforcements;

  • Structural poly fibre floors.
  • Steel fibre reinforced concrete floors.
  • Traditional mesh reinforced concrete floor slabs.

Concrete Preparation is Everything

We recognise that the longevity of concrete floors and slabs are determined by the subbase which it is laid upon. With our experienced ground working team we ensure that the subbase is a laser levelled, well rolled and a consolidated hardcore sub base, free from soft spots, heaving and rutting.

It is vital that correct falls are created to ensure surface water is dispersed and that gullies and drainage channels are inserted where necessary, preventing freeze thaw damage from pooling water. The correct Insertion of drainage pots, docking heights and taking into consideration door access points is also of importance, we have experience with working with structural engineers and laser levelling equipment to ensure falls are correct.

Concrete Finish Specifications

We have a strong relationship with a numerous suppliers of concrete, ensuring a quality product with competitive pricing. The concrete we use is well graded, we pay particular attention to the cement type and content kg/m3, as well as water/cement ratio.

We complete agricultural or industrial concrete floors to a multitude of finishes and cures, such as; polished, brushed, grooved or textured rollered. Floors and slabs are completed with sawn expansion joints and can be filled if required.

See the Ligchine Concrete Screedsaver II in action.